Hi Friends!  

Welcome to my blog!  I had a personal blog for years so it's really exciting to move that over here!

I have been so glad to open up The Pretty Pen this week!  So much of my love for creativity is poured into my prints, designs and lettering. 

I'm excited to share more of my life with you through this space since sending this as my last Instagram post...


Breaks are so good for us!  And when we get so used to being busy all of the time I think learning to take weekly breaks are supposed to be built into our lives for a reason!  Through history, God had his people work on 7 year cycles with a year break and our current week used to reflect the weekend break but, let's be honest, so many of us now end up working weekend hours.

Scott and I have started implementing weekly breaks for each other.  Since he's a pastor, he has Friday and Saturdays off so I have all of Friday morning "off" (to myself!) to do anything I'd like!  At noon I head home and he has the afternoon off.  The weeks that we miss these breaks we can totally feel it and have been less able of being the understanding and patient parents we want to be...so we REALLY try to guard this time.  And I love me a little coffee time browsing the aisles of Marshalls or all of our antique stores in Santa Cruz. Love.


Grace turned 2 this Fall and now tries on my shoes every morning.  I realized she was better at heels than I am when she made her way down the STAIRS wearing my heels! Gah! lol  

And her little Alphabet Alphablock book she's reading here is the best.  She loves it!  Best gift for a 1 or 2 year old!   


Otherwise, my #middlelittle (Levi) and Grace and I have been getting used to practically living in the car while Elijah has started Kindergarten.  We're getting used to the wait for pick ups and Grace just wants to get home and nap in her bed ;)

Scott and I are doing really well.  Loving entering into the Fall with him and celebrating the holidays right now.  We've learned so much about each other this year with committing to do counseling to work through some things as well as going through an online parenting course we love and Financial Peace University...more about those another time!